The VIP List is an all-inclusive lifestyle agency co-founded by two lifelong best friends: Audrey Jongens and Maeghan Radice. The pair met in preschool and have been best friends since. In April, during the depths of quarantine, Meg and Aud would facetime everyday out of pure boredom. They started uploading nightclub reviews on Tik Tok using content from their pre-quarantined lives with the expectation that the venues would soon re-open. As quarantine continued, they ran out of nightclub content and looked to their other passions (food & drink) to stimulate creativity. They realized that they were in the top cities for dining and entertainment. (Meg was living in New York City and Audrey was living in Miami.) After the page gained a lot of traction, Meg & Aud started looking at their tik tok concept as a potential business. Audrey was a 2020 graduate of the University of Miami and the job market was extremely scarce, instead of re-signing her lease in Miami she decided to move up to New York City to live with Meg and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. This was the beginning of The VIP List. The company works to share a taste of the luxury metropolitan lifestyle through refined reviews. We provide an insider perspective on “the best of the best” throughout all niches of society.

Co-founders Audrey Jongens and Maeghan Radice 

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