If there’s anything we know, it’s how and where to party. These restaurants made The VIP List for celebrating your birthday in style. You’re welcome.
Type of Food: Asian Fusion
Price Range: $$$$
Location: Meatpacking
Description: This nightclub turned supper-club is THE place to celebrate your birthday. Not only is their food incredible (special shoutout to their sushi and 24k gold wagyu tomahawk) but the environment is unmatched. Easily the most fun brunch or dinner party in the city right now. It’s a club-like environment with DJs, lights, and bottle shows however the tables are socially-distanced and they follow all CDC protocols. Definitely a great spot to celebrate your special day.   
Tags: Nightclub, Dancing, Music, Birthday, Celebration, Special Occasion, Sushi
Our Picks: The Passerby’s Paradise, Empire Roll, Golden Roll, Tomahawk Ribeye
Type of Food: Italian
Price Range: $$$
Location: Financial District
Description: Cipriani Wall Street is our go-to for a special occasion. The hospitality unmatched (special shoutout to the general manager, Sergio- he is the absolute best) and the food is some of the best we have ever had. If you are having a large group, you can rent out the iconic Cipriani Vault for a dinner party. We literally go here once a week, one of our absolute favorites.  
Tags: Italian, Boujee, Iconic, Sergio, Wall Street, Favorite, Birthday, Special Occasion, Celebrate
Our Picks: Cipriani Bellini, Tomato Mozzarella, Steak Tartare, Baked Tagliolini with Ham, Bolognese, Meringue Cake

Jue-Lan Kitchen​​​​​​​
Type of Food: Asian Fusion
Price Range: $$$
Location: Flatiron
Description: This upscale, asian-fusion restaurant has incredible ambiance and even better food. Celebrity sightings are almost guaranteed. They have so many private rooms so you can celebrate in style with all of your friends. There is sick art everywhere, we highly recommend this place for a wild night out.
Tags: Asian, Celebrity Sightings, Outdoor Dining, Boujee, Special Occasion, Birthday
Our Picks: Lychee Martini, Truffle Edamame Dumplings, Crispy Rice with Tuna, Beijing Chicken, Wok Filet Mignon, Fruity Pebble Ice Cream

Kyma Flatiron​​​​​​​
Type of Food: Greek
Price Range: $$$
Location: Flatiron District
Description: Whether you’re dining here for brunch or dinner, Kyma Flatiron always feels like a celebration. The food is to die for, we have literally tried everything on the menu. The owner Joe is iconic and makes sure you have an incredible experience. A lot of their items come out with sparklers and they have a DJ during the weekends. A guaranteed good time.
Tags: Greek, Party, Celebration, Birthday, Music
Our Picks: Pure Passion Cocktail, Mezze Trio, Fried Zucchini, Crudo Platter, Lamb Chops, Branzino, Scallops, Cheesecake

Tao downtown​​​​​​​
Type of Food: Asian Fusion
Price Range: $$$
Location: Meatpacking
Description: Tao Downtown is a New York party staple. The ambiance is unmatched inside the venue and their outdoor setup is beautiful. Known for their incredible hospitality, Tao is always a good time and the food is fantastic. Highly recommend celebrating here.
Tags: Tao, Party, Club, Asian, Outdoor Dining
Our Picks: Lychee Martini, Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice, Pork Gyoza, Lobster Fried Rice, Beef and Broccoli, Carrot Cake

Type of Food: Seasonal American
Price Range: $$$
Location: Hudson Yards
Description: Peak NYC is definitely one of the coolest venues we have been to. Located on the 101st floor of Hudson Yards, you get panoramic views of the city. The ambiance and hospitality are so incredible and the food is phenomenal. The champagne cart is a birthday necessity.
Tags: boujee, view, birthday, celebration
Our Picks: White Truffle Pasta, Tuna Tartare, Black Truffle Chicken, Bone Marrow Ribeye, Passion Fruit Egg

catch NYc​​​​​​​
Type of Food: Seafood
Price Range: $$$$
Location: Meatpacking
Description: Catch New York is an iconic New York restaurant. The rooftop is a great place to dine and party with friends. The vibes are immaculate and their seafood is so fresh and delicious.  Definitely a place to be seen and if you don’t take a boomerang of their “HIT ME” cake did you really even go?
Tags: Rooftop, Seafood, Celebration, Special Occasion, Boujee, Scene
Our Picks: Crunchy Rice Cakes, Truffle Sashimi, Lobster Mac and Cheese, Filet Mignon, King Crab, Lobster Mashed Potatoes, Hit Me Cake

Type of Food: Asian Fusion
Price Range: $$$
Location: Midtown West
Description: Nobu 57 is our favorite Nobu location in New York City. The ambiance is a 10/10 and the hospitality is incredible- you are literally waited on hand and foot. We love to eat here family style, it’s a great place to go with friends on a special occasion and try different plates. We have had a few birthdays here!
Tags: Nobu, Asian, Ambiance, Boujee, Birthday, Special Occasion, Celebration
Our Picks: Lychee Martini, Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice, Yellowtail Jalapeño Sashimi, Honey Truffle Corn, Rock Shrimp Tempura, Miso Cod, Beef Tenderloin

The Ainsworth Midtown​​​​​​​
Type of Food: American
Price Range: $$
Location: Midtown East
Description: The Ainsworth Midtown Rooftop is a great place to celebrate for brunch or dinner.  Their drink presentation is incredible and they bring out sparklers- you know we love that. Their 24k gold Foodgod wings are almost too Insta-worthy, they have such a great setup.
Tags: Rooftop, View, 24K Gold, Boujee, Celebrate, Cocktail
Our Picks: Smokin Watermelon Margarita, Birthday Package, Spinach Artichoke Dip, Foodgod Wings, Build Your Own Mac and Cheese, Short Rib Sliders, Nachos, Brunch Burger

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